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Raheem Muhammad “Oh, Say Can You See!?” (Secrets) & Truth Is In The Art
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Here is a book full of writings and poetry that challenge the extremes but do not cross the boundaries of history or prophecy. It uses the art of writing and poetry together to bring a clear message to those who are chosen to see, hear, and feel. This book will take you on a spiritual and emotional roller coaster, challenging your conscious thoughts as well as your subconscious ones. One way or another, it will speak to your genetic makeup, either inspiring you to feel or causing your numbness to take root deeper inside of you. Containing both the personality of the author and of history, intertwined with biblical and Qu’ranic verses, it tends to climax with facts. Poems are its foundation, ranging across many perspectives and sequences. Poems are found throughout the book, the main poem being “Truth is in the Art.” This poem threads throughout the book, preceding each chapter. The parts of this poem must be kept intact, even though they are separated by the nine chapters, so as to keep the main focus on the purpose of the book: to wake up and enlighten. Along with showing the causes of and reasons for the conditions of today’s declining world, it offers the answers to what is needed to bring about a solution. It quickens the seed and leads back to the way of thinking that was originated in the beginning—if you can see, hear, and feel. This book intends to keep fresh the pain of our past, which is the American terrorism and oppression that was revealed from Qu’ranic and biblical revelations, both what has come and what is to come. Its aim is to remind us of the great dynasties of the past and their outcomes, and then to parallel those outcomes with those of America, hoping that she will somehow admit to her wrongdoings, submit to the Creator’s way, and heal herself. The past is the past, and the present must conform to it in order to have a bright future.


Many things are similar and the answers lie in between, The seams of the visions, the imaginations, the dreams, The holographic realization of these life and death schemes. In life through nature and all that you see and hear, Smell; taste as well as touch, like rain crystal clear, Metaphors, allegories even parables reveal the deer, from the dear. From Genesis to Revelations we’re shown so many times, Over and over, His laws, wisdom, mercy, yes; His mind, Again and again, His plan, how to seek it, how to find. Trials and tribulations in succession and often repeated, Is what we experience and is surely what’s needed, To purify our thoughts, our actions, and our speeches. Day after day, months, and years… still you, your same mood, Not trying to understand what God (Allah) wants for you to do, Stop the madness, wake up from this vanity of hate; this feud, And see how all of these Revelations came in similitudes.