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Truth Is In The Art (Original)

It is in the flow of motion, 
Through all the threads of time, 
Twisted, turned, even broken, 
Resurrected and reversed in mind. 
Used by kingdoms to control, 
Hidden for centuries until now, 
Forgotten and remembered, never told 
By those whose tongues are loud. 
Now is the time to start; 
Before was prophecy and inspiration 
From the good and pure in heart, 
The first, the last temptation. 
When the world saw only one speech, 
And before the tower of Babel, 
Not every man could go preach; 
Very few knew all was well. 
“The suns of G-d saw daughters of men,” 
And who were the suns? 
They were the threads without sin, 
The Adams, the Abels, the one. 
This life I tell for a reason, 
The time has come to reveal 
Pictures in paintings, stories in seasons, 
But now all things must heal. 
“My spirit shall not strive with man forever,” 
The suns of G-d are gone, 
From giants on earth or whatever, 
The mix was necessary but wrong. 
Look in between the lines 
And try to see your part; 
Poetry and writing are mine, 
Truth is in the art.

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