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Crabs In A Barrel


A syndrome where a group of like situated people hurt those in their community attempting to get ahead.

Often this is applied to people in an impoverished community where one person is starting to get ahead. The collective community becomes jealous or filled with a sense of self-loathing, so they find a way to pull that person back down to the community’s level.

When harvesting crab, the crab as a group will pull down any crab that starts to climb out of the barrel in an attempt to be the first out of the barrel that holds them in, hence crabs-in-a-barrel.

Have you ever tried to understand the wisdom in discerning (Crabs in A Barrel)? Why the focus was always placed on Crabs coming out of the barrel most times broken because of them being pulled back? Those in the barrel trying to pull others down and position themselves so that they can get out instead? Have you ever thought about what the barrel represented and where did it come from, or even why was it there in the first place? Was it even a place that should have been allowed to exist, considering that it was a hell hole where the foundation was a kinship to slavery and the atrocities created for slaves? It had nothing in it except the blood-sucking elements that were placed there by those who created the barrel and put the Crabs in it. Use your imagination: In the barrel were: economic vampires owned by Arabs, Koreans, Caucasians, just other ethnicities other than the Crabs. They took from the nothing in the barrel for hundreds of years, replacing what they took with everything they could think of, to keep the Crabs dysfunctional. This way the Crabs that made it out of the barrel would become one of them or better yet one of those controlled by them taking part in the blood-sucking in order to keep the Crabs broken.

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