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Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other being’s frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s position.
You can never understand the anger without understanding the pain.
How can you understand what happened or what’s happening if you don’t know what happened or what’s happening? 
The Blackman in America of the one that was sold 
The firstborn killed because of a fearful fold 
The bottom-rail, the nigger, the less than gold 
The human being victimized, their story untold 
The his-tory, changing the shapes that mold 
The death from truth the Descendents withhold 
The emptiness of the body from head to toe 
The Indian, Palestinian, Syrian and all those 
The victims of a world and its careless soul 
The insanity of your wanting the others role 
The signs that lead to the one and only road 
The violence, sex, drugs, to all they promote 
The acceptance in you because you uphold 
The media propagating lies in order to control 
The ignorant believing it and really don’t know 
The price to pay on judgement day, is like, whoa 
The Truth is in the Art, the two-faced, twofold 
The Hebrew slave in Egypt of the days of old 
The Secrets “Oh Say Can You See!?” Behold 
The Jena Six, Black Wall Street, Rosewood-
Willie Lynch… 
Empathy, no. 

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